Creating new column types depending on the values of b and h

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create some custom columns types depending on the dimensions of the column (b and h) that I calculate from an excel file. I’m able to modify the b value but it take only the last value of my b value list.

Can someone help me ??


column_generator__nok.dyn (175.1 KB)
column_10_E8_EPSG_.xlsx (8.2 KB)

The dimensions of the Column are type parameters i think, so you need to create a new type for every size.
use ElementType.Duplicate from Springs Nodes

Thanks for this response. I tried but Dynamo and Revit crash every time I run the script!

Here are the new script and the excel :
column_generator__nok.dyn (41.4 KB)

p_10_E8_EPSG_.xlsx (8.5 KB)

before run

after run

Which version of Spring Nodes do you have ? I don’t find the node ElementType.duplicate. I have only FamilyType.duplicate


I have find the node ElementType.duplicate in Spring nodes 132.2.8! But it have in the latest version for 202.1.1!