Creating Floor on a path

can we create a floor in Revit on a Curved SPline from Linked CAD.

we try to do this so curvature and orientation of STR Floor to be connected with Spline in CAD File.

Hey Fathy,


Is the Curved Spline the outline of the floor or a path?



Is there anyway to do that with path or outline what ever is easier??

yes it should be possible, but this post here is 8 year old, better try to create a new with some material and im sure the community can help

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Yes , i saw that it is 8 year old. Just wanted to awake the guys up from sleep of 8 years. :smile: sure i’ll create another topic.
Thank you

allright, good luck with that, dont think the users here have been active for long time :wink: so better create a new and probably link to this post here

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