Creating a variable width curved sloped walkway


Hello everyone,

I have this walkway that I received in Cad from the architect. It has a variable with, it’s curved in parts and straight in parts, and it’s also sloped. I tried using the ramp tool in revit, but it’s not working. I was trying to get the center line polycurve then divide it then project perpendicular lines to edge curves then use the loft tool to create the surface. Not looking good. Any ideas ?walkway


Hello Amin Ghali,

It should work, is it possible for you to share your dyn fle.




Hi Amin,

Have you tried joining the segments of the sides into polycurves and then lofting the two polycurves together?


The two lines are still on the same level, my first problem was translating the points on the edges so that I have the slope. The problem is to match a point on the right curve to the other point on the left curve where a line between them is perpendicular to the central line. So this is my proposed workflow

  1. Get a central line

2.divide the central line and translate the points based on a slope formula.

3.draw perpendicular lines from the central point to the right and left edges and get the intersection points.

  1. connect the right and left points with lines, use the lines for a loft.

still working on getting the central line




Amin…I was working on something similar a while back and got something sort of functional. I am providing the link in case any of what was learned might help you. I’m hoping you will create something better that will help me as well!