Creating a color legend from View filters


You should watch the post : Creating a color legend from View filters - #35 by Alban_de_Chasteigner
So far you only get one color :

You can create texts with the TextNote.ByLocation node.

Hi every body,
I come back with correction to this script.
Revit 2022 and Dynamo 2.12 - Windows 11
I have just a litle problem with TAG and offset.
No synchro

Hi! I saw these post ( i think i read it all) and it worked BUT i only got one color.
I saw that it was suggested that could do a change of region type and the node i already used the OOTB node.

Although that…It still appears one color.
Do you know what i can change?

Thank you!!



Did you try to set the last node at longest lacing?


Hi! Ups, I forgot that (better, i didn’t even notice that in the code)
Problem solved!

Many, many Thanks!

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I tried with lines in order to do the same but instead of using filled regions i used detail lines and line styles.
The code is this one, but now it is missing what i considered the “final part”.
I managed to create the lines according to the number of filters and created the line styles with the filter properties. Now I don’t know how to join these two results so that the lines have the line style properties.