Creating 3D Views for multiple pairs of clashing elements

Hi - I’m struggling with my script to isolate pairs of clashing elements with their clash pointer and then create a new 3D view for each pair. I’ve got the script pulling out element ID’s for the two clashing elements and the clash pointer, together with the clash name. I’ve managed to create a routine that then creates a 3D view for one clash location by pulling out the four pieces of data from the list and hard-coding the list index for that location. What I cannot fathom is how to make this work for each of the locations in the list. Can anyone point me at a solution that would allow this to work for all pairs?

JDW_Clash_Views-V2.dyn (79.7 KB)

Hello John,
A while back I was struggling creating views with selected elements inside and what I did was to create the View first (Genius Loci “3D View Create” Node) and then combine it with the script found on the following thread to add the selected elements.
Hope it helps :slight_smile: