Create void + cut element

Hi all,

I have searched the forum on this topic quite a lot, yet I cannot find the solution.
I am trying to cut void cyllinders with different kind of diameters. The slab is a In Model created Generic Model.
The cyllinders are created, but they all have the same diameter. Do I have to split the list for each diameter? And combine this with a unique family type name?

Second problem is that the voids wont cut the slab. Any idea why not? I feel like I followed the scripts I could find on here but somehow it just doesn’t work.

Any help is much appreciated!

From what I see, your only giving it one name so your probably overwriting each one and the last radius is all your getting. Try to feed the Family type.Voids node multiple name and see if you get anything different.

@d.jansenMM3LJ One way to do what Sean was saying.

Dont really know what you end goal is but here is another way to do what i think you want. Just place a premade family and then cut it.

Slab Void.rfa (332 KB)
slab penetrations.dyn (65.9 KB)