Create Rooms and Copy Data from Linked Model

Create and link Room Data from Linked Model

Trying create and link Room Data from Architectural model into a Specialty Model so I can schedule on specific data the architect is adding like department. I started with this…

Any thoughts on why Room Number is added to the Name when running this? Code built into the node maybe?

I also would like to add one more parameter in the Code Block to Department, but don’t have that value in the 'CustomeRoom.GetIdentificationData, any thoughts?

Have you tried to copy the rooms?

I have not, but I want to monitor them so they update with changes that occur in the linked model, just not copy them one and done. I guess just like my script this would not one and done copy but would update each time its run?

You could update rooms copied this way, if you could be sure the room numbers stays the same.
Once copied you would have no other way to sync.