Create Revolved Geometry


Very basic exercise :)
I've created 3 Ref point then feed those points into a list then that get's feed into a Curve By Points. That gives me a triangle.

Now i would like to Revolve that triangle to create a cylinder. The Create Revolved Geometry is looking for a Curve loop. If i search i get Curve Loop List of Curve Loop. how do i feed my Curve By Points into the curve loop to generate my cylinder?



Alas, yes, recreating, not modifying . . .


One more thing. It's creating an new form, not modifying the actual one am i right?


The Free Form is a new addition from 0.5.3 right?

Seems complicated for a simple revolve no?
Thanks for the hlp


In Vasari Beta 3 or Revit 2014, you can instantiate the geometric revolve as a freeform element in Revit.