Create Point At Specified Angle On Circle

So, I’m really dumb, and continue to struggle to speak math, but I’m hoping there’s a really easy way to do this that I haven’t found: I want to create a point on a circle that I’ve defined at a specific angle in degrees. All I can seem to find is to create a point at parameter which creates the point but I can only specify a value between 0 and 1. Without dusting off my long long long lost trigonometry on unit circles, is there a simple way to do this? Like I said, I’m dumb and don’t speak math very well. Thanks!Dynamo Point on Circle

Morning Cody,

If you’re trying to get the angle between the radii of the circle, you could try fusing it with the “Arc.ByCenterPointRadiusAngle” and and get a zero math solution.

Alternatively, with a tiny bit of math, you could directly convert any angle to a parameter value:


Don’t fret too much when something doesn’t work. We’ve all been there, buddy!

Man I wish I received notification when there are replies to my subscribed posts! Anyway, I actually found a hacky solution to my problem as soon as posted (but you can’t redact posts). Here’s what I ended up doing to get around the first issue I came across: I created a slider to act as my desired input, and then divided that by 360 to get the ratio that can be read by the parameter input. So far so good! Thanks for taking the time to reply!


Dynamo Point on Circle_01