Create parallel Elements, using intersection, how?


I am still struggeling on my column-heads, but i try a other way:

So my idea is when my Elements intersects a beam, can i “map” the intersecting face to my head?
So that the are finaly parallel. I do not mean align, i would take the angle and rotate my head.

How can I deal with Vectors? I want get a angle at least …

hmmm… it is rotating, anywhere :confused:

i am glad about any information, or small examples

When i solve that, how can I get the correct face and the correct line? Here i did it with indexing…
… is there also a way, like intersecting faces? flatten the curve from faces?
GetSurfaceRotate.dyn (27.7 KB)



Use Normals and Vectors


it worked in the small example! Thanks

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I have still 2 problems:

1.) Script collabs
i have to split the script first place element and than rotate.
Is there anythink like “make this - break” and than “start next” ?

2.) Rotates any value
by value it doesn`t work… can i say like to my Vectors “look” in the same “direction” as my
intersecting object?

GetSlantedColumnsSetStructuralColumnHead_V5.dyn (170.4 KB)