Create New Type Node

I’ve tried using the FamilyManager.CreateNewType node from the MEPover package, on a list of strings in order to create new types of a certain family. It works, however it will only create one new type. Ideally, I would like multiple new types to be populated at once.

I tried messing around with the python code, but to no avail. I did manage to create multiple types at one point, but it was just breaking up the first string into letters!

Any help would be really appreciated.

I think your problem is that the full string has new lines, but you only split by commas, so the start of every item in the list besides the first item has a new line, then the name.

In the separator for the last String.Split, try with , /n if there is a space after the comma, or just ,/n if there is not.


Yep that was it!! Ah such a simple solution – i actually just added the ‘String.TrimWhiteSpace’ node and now it works.

Thanks so much!

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