Create "natural" hights for multiple solids

I have a topography / landscape from different masses.
Every mass is a different family. This is what it looks like:

lets say at boundaries hight = 100.
Now i would like to add hights to the inner of every mass family.
between 100 and 250. to make look more natural.

is anything like this possible? prefered curved in Z direction instead of “pointy” surfaces. (this looks more natural)

this is the script i used to create the mass with:

Picture of the dynamo script:

Do you have real hight information or you just want to create ramdom elevations that simulate it is real?

Does OSM contain hights? sorry i m kinda new to all this.

but random heights will be good :slight_smile:

As long as height at boundary =100
inner height (s) = random between 100 - 250

Random height interval every square meter or 2 meter if possible?