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This thread had a custom script that can create a single material but would like to have it create multiple materials.

it failed on being fed a list. my beginner python skills weres no match.

Assuming you mean the python node shown in this image:


My recommended solution for a Python beginner would be to make a custom node out of the Python node, so you can use Dynamo’s built in list levels and lacing to deal with the replication.

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Hi @AdamHamilton,

Or you can use a custom node of an existing package.
Some other custom nodes might be useful to you.

thanks guys. i will give these ideas a shot!

i got this from that Genius Loci set…i think this is where i was getting tripped up. i kept getting expected input string getting list

Yes with this part :

#Iterate through the input names list
for n, cl, sp, tar, spC, cp, cpC, trans in zip(names,colors,surfPat,fillPatTargets,surfPatCl,cutPat,cutPatCl,transparency):

i was getting close…but as they say “horseshoes and hand grenades”

I have released a beta of Orchid dealing with Materials and Assets, would you mind testing it?

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