Create Multiple 3D Views based on Parameter Filter

So we have a specific parameter BIMsf_Container that is for each structural member of a framing panel. Now trying to create a 3D view with just that panel based on the parameter.

So far, I can read those parameters:

However I can not locate some specific nodes like ViewFilter.CreateRule and ViewFilter.CreateFilter:

First, I am just trying to get this to work for one panel, then hoping a for loop or while loop can do this for all of them. TBD.

your second picture, i presume those nodes are either not OOTB nodes or they have been depreciated. Hence you arent able to find them.
However, these OOTB nodes in the picture below should be more than enough for you to complete what you wanna achieve.

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@stillgotme that is working, I eventually found a post that those nodes were depreciated because of newer OOTB nodes.

One issue is getting the “value” parameter to work. I tried using strings, which causes errors. I think the parameter connection of the FilterRule.ByRuleType is working, but the value one escapes me. I also tried using a code block, but still nothing doing.

Looks like you’re using a codeblock and not formatting as a string. You need to use quotes ("value").

you are using GetParameterValueByName and not GetParameterByName. Note the “Value”. Hence the error. you need to feed in parameter element instead of its value. Second thing to note, always check your parameter storage type and feed in the corresponding value. else error might also occur.