Create Mask using the values of the list

Hello All.

I need to create a mask to filter a list. Each sublist has 4 values and I need to make the second-largest value true and the rest false. Do you have any idea how I could achieve this?

List.Sort to sort your values from low to high.
List.DropItems Use a -1 value and it will remove items from the end of the list.
List.LastItem To get the last value in the list, which happens to be the second largest as we dropped the largest.
== where the A value is your original list and the B value is the result of the last item. Lacing and list level will matter here.

It didn’t work out

You’re using a different original list then I intended.

Look at what you wired into the == node. One is a curve and one is some numbers. Clearly a curve is not equal to 18.

Did you find a set of data where there are values which are equal to 18 shortly after the curve, and have values which align to their respective curve?



You’re right. I was doing a mistake. :sweat_smile:

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