Create Family Type and Family Tag for Tagging Points

Hi, im using revit 2016, Dynamo 1.2 and the Package “Bakery 2016.11.1”.

Im trying to tag points.
I have created a example project and dynamo file so you can try out:). The files + the created familytype and tag you can dl at my google drive folder:

Here is my problem:
I have created an generic Family Type and a generic Family Tag.
But there is something wrong with the tag.
The “Create Annotation Tag - node” giving me an Error: There is no Tag available.

Any tips whats is wrong with the family type or family tag?


Any help would be great!

Try with another anotation tag family type (it works for me with a generic model tag)

Well i tryed the generic model tag yesterday, but for some reason it didn’t work.
But now it work perfectly!
Thank you Yna!

You’re welcome…