Create DLL for loading the Packages

Hello everybody,

Whenever I start up dynamo through Revit 2017, the packages are not loaded. I like to create a dll for this problem. Whenever dynamo fails to load the packages, we can run this dll. The dll should be accessible for the whole team. I believe it was asked in a previous thread but can not find this tread.

Thanks guys!


There obviously is some error here.
Fix the error by removing the problem, do not create a new problem by masking the first.

My 2 cents


Hi Marcel,

Thanks for the reply, but there is no error. I should have explained it differently.

In our global organistation we work on desktops or on citrix. Users do not have install rights, all the software are being installed an serviced by a global service. We cannot even update the current version of Dynamo 1.0 to the latest version. Very bureaucratic.

The .dll or .bat I want to create will install the package for the user. We have a lot of users that can run the scripts, a few that can setup dynamo and write scripts. For these users we would like to make it easier, for opening and running the scripts on their accounts. There for one must have the correct packages installed.

The idea is to create a central folder with the packages we use to make the .dll/.bat.
a) When a user starts citrix, none of the packages will be installed. By running the .bat/.script all the packages will install and the user can run the script.
b) When a user opens dynamo on the desktop and none/not all of the packages are installed, he/she can run this script to install the packages.

I believe you can install the packages on a central folder. And in the script of the dll you can change the location of the packages in dynamo to the central folder.

This is a solution that I know that works, what would you suggest otherwise?


The central folder is a good idea.
Start Dynamo and go to settings,
Choose setting for nodes and packages and add the central folder.
Quit dynamo and start it again.
See if that helps.


Thanks Marcel,

After restarting dynamo the link still works, but when we restart Citrix, the link is lost.
We have to add the central folder location. This is fine!

simple solution :smiley: