Create an icon

Hi Everyone !

In order to prevent any mistake or any modification in my nodes, and to make my programs easier to use, I’d like to create an icon in revit that is linked to this node, so I or my coworkers just have to click on and every entries is ask, for example. I hope this makes sense, and you have a solution.

Look into Dynamo Player and the Data-Shapes package.

You can also use the “comment” or other parameter to store a note that an element was modified/created/altered/etc by dynamo, including stuff like the path to the script that was run if you were so inclined (before anyone asks, as far as I know the path can’t be automated yet - you have to manually add it when you set up the script). This falls apart in some instances (IE scripts that delete elements can’t set a comment to the element they just deleted very well), but an help sort the amount of stuff you’re automating in the model.

@Nick_Boyts Thanks, I’ll look for it.
@JacobSmall, I’m not sure this could work for the use I was looking for. It was mainly about imporving the user experience. But it could be interesting for future uses, thanks :slight_smile: