Create an elbow from two pipes

Hi! I’m trying to get a elbow from two pipe with the node Elbow.ByMEPCurves, but the result is null.

I have never used that node before but try changing the lacing to longest or the level to @2.

My guess is that the node is trying to combined the two lists rather than the pipes in the list.

I tried with longest too but i got empty list…

I tried with L2 and i got empty list too

Did you turn off longest when you changed the level? What happens if you plug a single list into the elbow rather than the List.Creat.

With auto i got empty list, and with longest i got null


The Empty list in this example was generated because the pipes did not meet the Margin tolerance. You can also wind up with an Empty list if the pipes are not coplanar.

It’s my first time using this node, what kind of value or node i have to connect in Margin?

I’m trying to get an elbow with 90 degrees.


Sorry about my english btw