Create a surface between two circles

I have many circles stemming from the same centre point with different radius. How do I create a surface between each line? It has to have a hole in the centre.

I am currently lost in how to do this.

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Thanks, this doesn’t work for me in this format because of how many pieces of data I have. There are over 400 circles I need to join, about 6-10 circles for each of the 50 centre points I have.

Is there a way to use these nodes on a list of data? When I use the list the node fails because the data intersects.

first group by centre point, then sort by radius?

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Thankyou for the help, this worked and I got the surfaces. I need to remaining hole in the middle as a surface, I also need to colour code each surface between the lines according the the radius.

Creating the surface like this has made the colour range move around the surface in a circle rather than go from centre outwards.

can you show us the graph?

You can patch the hole…

As Marcel says, understanding the colour coding is difficult without seeing a Dyn…

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Please post a Dynamo graph showing your problem so we can help you efficiently. Otherwise we’re guessing at what you’re seeing (providing several solutions which would work based on your original statement) and you’re running into issues repeatedly due to our not knowing what you’re actually up against.

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Thankyou for the tip, I’ve taken some screenshots and also have the excel workbook.

I know about the patch tool however I don’t know how I can make the patch tool only work on the circles that are in the middle only?

The purpose is to have individual surfaces between each circle, each colour coded according to what “x data” value they come under on the spreadsheet. The process needs to be as automatic as possible, these circle values change and having a dyn file that will redraw them and assign colours would be a huge time saver.

Because I’m New I can not upload attachments…
Here’s a screenshot instead

I’ve only been using dynamo for the last week so apologies for my lack of knowledge if some of these questions are really basic

use wetransfer
send it to yourself and post the link you receive in the mail over here


no .dyn file?

Like this?

Just as a first thought… Your colours might be more easily managed via excel as well? You can just feed the lists into the colour node…


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I think you maybe need to drop the last item after the info is read, you’ve got a stray column at the end…

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Thankyou! I did not know you could feed the values into the RGB Node like that, however does this affect the colour range? Also I need each individual ring to be coloured separately, at the moment it colours each of the rings around a point as the same colour. Is this due to the surface?

Ah thanks, I was using clear list to get rid of null values.

Is what im trying to do impossible?


I feel an update to my spirographs study coming soon. :smile:

I’ll look into this later today if it isn’t been resolved.

I agree with Jacob :slight_smile:

Here’s where I got to…

SampleDataDyn-MKA.dyn (97.5 KB)

It’s not easy without an image of what you’re looking for… I’ve gotten a bit lost with it…

I’ve done bits of tidying to keep your data aligned, but I’m not really sure what’s governing your colours I’m afraid.

Hope that’s useful,