Create a point grid from user-defined origin

I want to create a grid of points from a user-defined origin. This origin point is an intersection of grids A1.

  1. using code block 0…#20…2 works fine, BUT the grid is created from the project internal origin. Not what i’m after.
  2. swapping 0 with x, where x is defined, brings an undesired result.
  3. the same, failed result is when i tried to use a sequence node.

What am i missing here?

I figured it out. Missed List.Flatten node. There is so much to learn…

try this…

thanks Thiru, but i had cross product on all of the nodes… that’s not it. List.Flatten solved my issue.

This may be a bit more robust and work out better a result, depending on what your end goal is. Much simpler too in most cases.


Thank you Jacob, this is fantastic. Certainly not simpler though… could you explain the purpose of transforming geometry from the world coordinate system to the local?

It’s the magic point to transform your data like from c3d to Revit here you will be in need to do that as @JacobSmall .

Lets say you want to move a bunch of polycurves instead of points. Or the geometry which represents an entire workspace. Or geometry which represents anything.

This is very easy to do without much issue using coordinate systems. It also helps that coordinate systems can be pulled directly from surfaces and curves, or created as above with vectors and origin points.