Create 2 families from a txt file

Hello all,

I want to create two different types of families. I have a .txt file with all the coordinates and parameters for both families. Is there any way to connect each family with the corresponding row of the txt file? or I need to have two separate txt files?

Thank you in advance !

Depends on how you structure the text file…
As CSV? XML? INI? Or rolled your own?
CSV is probably the simplest one line of values like a table for each element.
(Or put it in Excel.)

I created my own .txt file and separated the values with ‘comma’.
Is it possible to create the Family A using the values from the rows for example 1-15 and a different family B from the rows 16-20 ?

In theory yes. Do you have some sort of unique delineation to split the incoming information at the start or end of a family?

Can you share your text file?

I can share an example. I have this .txt file with the values (X,Y,Z). I want a family A to be created from the rows 1&3 and a family B from the rows 2&4.

Example -X-Y-Z.txt (97 Bytes)

How do you know what the lines are for or from? Is it just even and odd?

For your first example.

If you change you txt file slightly to include what family each line belongs to then you can have a single graph that will read the lines regardless of the where they are.