Crash course for a comp sci father

my daughter is in her first semester for comp sci. any recommendations for a book that I can learn quickly to help her?

Sometimes stuff outside of the syllabus could cause issues, but I have been periodically following the MIT open courseware stuff as a way to push my own learning.

Likely a good topic to put to her academic institution and more CompSci focused forums - many of us aren’t formally trained after all, so we could divert her overall learning path with some shortcuts or send her the wrong direction.

My other bi of advice from my days as a resident assistant: help her focus on being away from home and independent. That’s a much bigger hurdle for most freshmen.

interesting thing…since I started learning python, Im understanding more of the dynamo.
dynamo is similar to blockpy where its a visual connection vs all code.

is it possible to view the coding?

note - i’m still learning both and if I have made a wrong statement, please go easy.

thank you