Cpython 3.8.3 open3d dll import error

after installing open3d with pip, importing the open3d module in a cpython script results in the following error:

Warning: ImportError : DLL load failed while importing pybind: An initialisationroutine in the dynamic link library (DLL-bestand) has failed. [’ File “”, line 3, in \n’, ’ File “C:\Users\Ekko\AppData\Local\python-3.8.3-embed-amd64\lib\site-packages\open3d\init.py”, line 90, in \n from open3d.cpu.pybind import (camera, data, geometry, io, pipelines,\n’]

Anyone with a fix, or better yet: a cause?
Anyone using open3d within cpython in Dynamo? I suppose I could revert to a subprocess to circumvent Dynamo, I’ll try that next.

Sorry, las file had to be renamed to upload.
test_cluster.dyn (14.0 KB)
AHN3_78414_452064_0_bereik_100x100x100m - kopie.las.txt (6.5 MB)
las to open3d.py (1.1 KB)

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can help me send file las to open3d.py ?

Seem related to this issue


Just noticed the upload for that file failed. Should work now, but the only relevant line in there is: import open3d

Looks similar , but the nvidia-geforce-gtx-750-ti has opengl 4.4. I’ll try on another system just to be sure.