Copying View Types and Templates from one Model to another

Thats a fantastic tool I use it frequently. I had hoped to use it to transfer View types which seems to be missing. It can do the templates and I can copy the View Types with the script above, little bit of work assigning templates to View Types needed which is better than setting them up from scratch.

the tool can copy view types aswell
the association with the template is lost tho

Can you specify the name of this since the link doesn’t work anymore?

I think the app which was lnked is likely to be JoTools, it’s like a transfer project standards on steroids and give you way more options. It’s very good to have!

I can’t seem to find an app with that name, is it still existent?

Could it be that it’s under the name of FilterMore?

Sorry, it’s officially called “Transfer Single” it comes up under JoTools in Revit, seems to be paid now.


Filter More is by the same author