Copy Views From File

I’ve been able to copy elevations using the standard copy/paste between docs with ElementTransformUtils. Haven’t tried it with other view types but elevations didn’t seem to have any issues.

Did you get one marker and for each view or one marker for each set of four?

You probably have a solution already but this free plugin does exactly what you need.

Not sure if we can do this through dynamo though…

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@BIMadmin nice app :slight_smile:

Actually you can copy elevation markers and sections between models and paste in the same view and will work quite well.
It will copy most of the properties, cropbox and graphics will look the same even it will have assigned to view template. Same name, scale, and most properties.
It won’t copy graphic overrides nor filters.

BTW you’ll get one marker for each set of four with standard copy & paste.

Hi John,

First i’ll say thanks so much for this - it’s a super helpful script. I know it’s a really late response to your post, but i was hoping you had some insight.

When running this script, and it’s copying in the drafting view elements from another view, Revit pops up with a dialogue box saying “Duplicate types” and that they’re already in my project - there is no option to ignore future warnings exactly like this one, and I get a warning for every single view I’m trying to copy over. Is there a way to skip that warning?

Hi John. Thank you so much for your DYN file. I downloaded Rhythm (2020.9.8) from packages web site, but i do not have some definitions such as “Document.BackgroundOpen”, “All elements of type in document”, “Element.CopyFromDocument”, “Element.CopyFromViewToView”.
Where can i take these ones?
Thank you!

Some of those nodes have been renamed.

Here is the (in progress) documentation of the latest nodes.

and the specific replacement for Document.BackgroundOpen -> Applications.OpenDocumentFile


Hi john! I’ve tried to rewrite the script with new nodes but i didn’t manage to do it. For some nodes i even don’t know what input to use. Could you please repost the script with new nodes?
Really thank you for your time!

here it is:
transferDraftingViews-upgraded.dyn (30.7 KB)

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Hi john! I’ve tried to recreate the script with your valuable advices but the “Documents.CopyElementsfromDocument” Rhythm node doesn’t copy several views from linked file.
Here it is my dyn file if you want to take a look. Thank you so much!

Dynamo version
Rhythm version 2020.9.8
CopySheets_2.3.dyn (107.6 KB)