Copy sharedparameter from one shared parameterfile to another

Hi :slight_smile:

I have two sharedparameter files: A large one (SharedParameters_Large), which contains all parameters I ever used in any project and a project specific one “SharedParameters_Small”) which starts empty).

Now it is my goal to load a selection of parameters into my file “SharedParameters_Small”. I´m thinking about reading the .txt values from “SharedParameters_Large” and adding these to my “SharedParameters_Small” and adding them to the categories later.

Second Idea: I skip the first stept and temporarily change my sharedparameterpath to the large one, get all parameter properties I need, change it back to “SharedParameters_Small” and add a new Parameter with the OOTB-Node and all information I got from the sharedParameters from the other file.

Does this make or do you have better ideas?

There really isn’t any real benefit to a “small” SP file unless your sharing it with consultants or have maybe project type specific ones. In general you only load the ones you need and as long as the file is organized well it shouldn’t be any problem to use it.

Would you mind elaborating on why your looking to take this approach, as there may be a reason you have though I may not?

Hi Sean,

we had multiple teams filling up a shared file with crap. Now we would like to put a “big” shared file in a place without writing permissions and someone just adds usefull parameters by hand.

Working with “small” files in their projects would allow them to work freely, but with a common standard by adding some new parameters from the big file if there is a new working case.

This way we could use families created in some projects and avoid the mess of trial and error in these projects.