Copy Room Properties to Spaces


I want to copy properties from architectural rooms to the corresponding spaces. Actually I already developed a script that works pretty fine on small models, however it is using Geometry.Intersect, which creates performance issues or even fails with many rooms…

I am wondering whether it’s possible to get the corresponding Room for a space using the Revit API? I diddn’t manage to find a package that solves this and I’m grateful for every hint - thanks! :slight_smile:


@Lejla_Secerbegovic, look at SpaceAtRoom from MEPover package.

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hi @Vladimir,

thanks for the quick response, I did some testing (also with other packages) but unfortunately the performance issues still persist. I’ll post an update when we have a solution!

Cheers, Lejla

Hi @Lejla,

You can make 2 stages:

  1. Check Bounding Box intersections(works very fast).
  2. Check elements intersections using results from above.

And if Rooms and Spaces are on different levels, don’t check unnecessary intersections.

Using this approach, i reduced time from 45s to 13s.

If you’ll post RVT file, i could show you this.

P.S. I’ve looked into SpaceAtRoom node, it have to be fast, as it uses API.