Copy Names of all Reference Planes to Clipboard as strings in a single list of strings

Here’s my firs post as @JacobSmall suggested:

I would like to collect all of the names of the reference planes in my family and copy them to the clipboard as a list of strings. I’ve gotten as far as to be able to combine all of the reference plane names in a single string with commas as separators that I can then use comma delimitation in another software in order to create a list of strings, but that feels like an unnecessary step. Does anyone know of any method that would reduce this workflow to just the 1 step listed below?

  1. Copy all reference plane names as a singular list of strings to a clipboard.
    I have attached my script with the use of Clockwork’s Clipboard.SendTo node (super useful) @john_pierson.
    Let me know if there is a solution or answer to this problem or query.

You should zoom in so that people can see the names of your nodes :wink: Alternatively you can use the camera function to export a full readable screenshot, simply zoom into a single node.

I would have a look at this post:


How does that look? I used the camera function in Dynamo initially, but the window was tiled to half screen rather than full screen. Thanks for the speedy response, I’m checking out the post that you suggested now.

Much better :slight_smile:

The camera function once zoomed into a single node, will export a full .png file with your graph all nodes readable. This is especially useful when one have a large graph.

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That’s good to know, I’ll keep that in mind moving forward.
Thanks for the assist,