Copy Files Node


I have successfully got the copy files node working, unfortunately the node seems to be creating multiple version of the same pdf file but naming the files in my intended sequence. Am I missing something? was this node intended to just copy a single file? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @BT_Simonb,

If I understand correctly your graph, you want to put in specific folders the printed PDF files.
It would be simpler to use an alternative version of the Print PDF node which has as input a list of filepaths. (all different or not)
There would be no need for the part that copies the PDFs then deletes the originals.


I was using the genius loci node, but it became unusable with the latest version of dynamo, hence this set up is plan B


Recently added Print nodes in the Orchid package… works both in dynamo +1.3.2 and +2.0.1