Copy Custom Glazing


What is the easiest way to copy custom windows when doing a split face in the edit mass mode. I try to copy ones i have created but it seems that it doesnt place it as a window. I know i'm probably missing something with this but is there an easier way. Has anyone come across this?


Its not too bad. I'm using it for custom windows on an 11 story building. I'm going to run an energy model on this and then export it as a mass model after. This gives us a better workflow and by exporting it as a mass model gbxml file it makes it a cleaner import into other programs.


The lines created during Split Face are point based. So, if you click and drag with snapping on, they will snap. Unfortunately, using the Copy command from the Modify tools does not currently work. We have a bug filed for it.


That works pretty well. Though it seems to lag when dragging. Is there a way though to copy it from a base point using when holding the crtl key?


Although you cannot copy the split face to the clipboard, you can copy it by holding Cntl key and dragging the selected split lines.