Converting StructuralFraming to ModelObject

Hi Everyone,

I’m working on framing generator for portal framed sheds,the basic workflow is; Inputs (bay spacing, roof pitch, portal span etc.) -> generate points & lines -> generate revit geometry -> generate structural connections. I’ve used nodes from the latest Autodesk Structural Connections graphs to generate the apex, knee and base plate connections.
The only part I’m having trouble with is passing the completed rafter geometry directly into the start of the structural connection node, it is looking for a ModelObject input and I have a StructuralFraming output from my rafter generation. Is there a way to convert this over?

The connections will finish successfully If I connect the Select Model Elements Node, select the rafters and then re-run the entire graph.

Attached graph shows “bridge” between the end of rafter generation and start of the structural connection (Apex Haunch in this instance)