Converting Revit Topo To Formit

Hi all,

I will just start with the fact that I am a total newbie at Dynamo, and this is my first attempt in working with it.

I have topography in Revit 2020 that I created via a CAD file: imported the CAD file into Revit & used the “create from import” command. I then found a Dynamo script online which should allow me to bring the topo into Formit ( This script was provided by Formit, but of course they made it seem so easy to run - without any errors.

After running the script several times, and fixing errors left and right, I finally hit a wall. I am getting the warning “PolySurface.ByJoinedSurfaces operation failed.
Unable to stitch Surfaces into a single PolySurface. : ACIS_EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION – Access violation”.

Although I tried researching to solve this issue, I am feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed as a beginner as to how to solve it. If anyone has a solution or if someone has a better script or method (sans Dynamo) to get topo into Formit I am all ears!

I have attached a screenshot of where the errors are occurring.

Thank you!

It is probably easiest to export to FBX from Revit, then import that into Formit