Converting object to string for use in String.Contains


Hi, I’m trying to use an Element.ID as string to filter elements in certain Design Options, but fail to convert the object to s string I can use. I need it to be just like a “native” string, like marked in the image below. Anyone know a slick way to do this? Or a better way of isolating elements on Design Options?



I would recommend using Element.UniqueID since that gives you a string directly. That is, unless you’re using the latest daily build - which doesn’t have that node ( :wink:



I’m on latest daily… :frowning: But it seems this will be fixed in next? So no crisis then. Thanks!


If you need the Id as a pure string, I think you could try one of the following:


  • add a List.FirstItem for an output containing a single item

  • add a List.Map for items containing multiple items


Thanks Dimitar Venkov for your workarounds.

Hello Håvard Vasshaug,

See if you can use below method to get to your results.