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Hi mates ,

I followed an autodesk university tutorial , I’ve taken all steps , but I couldn’t create 3D views of clashes elements . I dont know why the final node was not working.

Error : “Warning: No function called SetParameterByName on a Function that takes string,__array could be found”
@Dieter_Vermeulen help me please mate!

I think you’re trying to input a string into the setparameter node instead of an actual view.


I tried to create isoleted 3D clashes views , but it is not working that node

I think that the “Create 3D Cropped View” isn’t returning a view. If you put a watch node behind that node you could see if an actual view comes out of it.

YEP, but i don’t know what changes must be check

Was this ever resolved ? I have the same issue. I’m new to Dynamo and wondering if there’s something obvious I missed.