Consolidated Boolean

Hey Guy,

Please is there anyway to achieve this. I am looking to get List A in the image show above to look like List B. That is i am trying to consolidate the boolean in List A, such that when a list of list has 2 True(s), it is true just like the (&&) function works. I tried to use the function in the red box, but for some reason its not working. Any idea will be much appreciated.


Try this:

def IfTrue(list:var[][])
   return = [Imperative]
      out = {};
      for (i in GetKeys(list))
         for (j in i)
            if (AllTrue(list[j]))
               out[i][0] = true;
               out[i][0] = false;
      return = out;


Dynamo version 1.2.

I tried the same, but the input list level is @L4.

Did you check Keep list structure?

Yes, but check the list structure of each list:

@Organon Not sure if I’ve grasped what you’re trying to point out, but they’ll be the same if you change the level to L2

Yes, I get your point. But as far as i understand, Azubike_Ononye needs to keep the structure @L4 in the output list:

When we use cartesian replication or checking the Use Levels and Keep list structure options the output list is level 3(@L3):

You are very right Organon. List structure needs to stay the same. Thanks alot guys for your input. About to try what Organon initially sent with a list map so it affects the other lists i have in that list.

Could try something like this to obtain that list structure …