Connected Pipes to Structure

Hi Dynamo users! Is there any nodes that having the parameters of connected pipes to the structure? There are few like Structure.PipeLowestBottomDepth, Structure.PipeUpperTopDepth. But I need to check if there is anything for Out Flow Pipe diameter and inner diameter, slope, thickness of pipe that I could export out to Excel.

Hi @BEK,

Not sure if i am on right track but check this if this is what you are looking for…

I could not find this node. Is this node on the toolkit, on which version? Actually what I am trying to do is to get the outflow pipe parameters from the structure directly. As shown in the structure properties tab “Connections”. Any suggestions here?

Try the camber package under pipe networks > structure


I don’t think there is a node that gets the attached pipes from the Structure side. How I do it is I get the information from the pipes. Any pipes Start Structure is “out” an any pipes End Structure is “in”. You can then sort/ group/ and organize based on structure names.

Hope that helps.

@clarsenCNDZF see above. There is a node in my new package (Camber) that will do that.