Concat "doornumber" + "InRoom:Number", how?

concat_Tuernummer.dyn (9.7 KB)

Hello Dynos,

My script worked, but it concats anything, why? What can I do. I have just to but Number and inRoom:Number together. But as you see it combines anything, Why?

Have i sort lists or transpose lists?



probably because the lists do not match in order. can you show us how many elements you get from the element get parameter value by name nodes?

so … how can I match the door with the room?

start by making sure that every door also has an output for to room, maybe move the arrow in the family a llittle bit up so it detects a room or what ever the problem is.
it would also be better to get as much input from the same nodes, and set your lacing to auto instead of shortest.

The problem was when a doorflash has no room, it counts nothing!
So i placed a room in the landscape, than workes.