Complication with Revit Links

Hi all,

I have a list of Revit links in my project. My goal is to clash ducts in my master file, with walls in which ever Revit link I choose.
I have created a DataShapes workflow for the user to select from available links in the project, then I also have a manual input method using the “Links” node from Rhythm.
When I feed the link from Rhythm, my whole script works as expected and all relevant families get placed.

However, when I feed in the link from the “ReportRevitLinks” node from GeniusLoci (note it has EXACTLY the same Element ID), into the “LinkElement.OfCategory” node, the script does nothing, fails and no families get placed.

Can anyone tell me why this might be? I need to use the second option because I need the user to choose what link to clash with the ducts and this will change quite frequently.

Any help or advice is welcome and appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @Sigma,

Could this be a list level issue ?
In the first picture, you have a unique item (RevitLinkInstance).
In the second picture, you have a list with an item.

0 List
     0 RevitLinkInstance

What happens if you add a block code with x[0] after the ListFilterByBoolMask to remove the list ?

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Hi Alban,

I Have tried that and unfortunately that wasn’t the solution.
This is the message I get when I connect my Filter out to the LinkInstance:

Any other ideas?

Is the link loaded?

Yes it is,

I’m really not sure about this one, I can’t see any reason why it should not work…

It is working normally for me.
You should show your entire graph (at least the part before the LinkElement.OfCategory node) with the previews under the node enabled.

Is that just one link loaded in? The issue I am having is with multiple links.
Sure, I can show images, the graph is very messy at the moment.

So here I am creating the user input form and feeding in the ducts I need as well as the drop-down list of the links in my project

I’m then running a test to see if what the user selected, matches an existing “Link Name” from the GetDocuments node. Then from the code blocks on the right hand side(which are the linkinstances), I’m feeding that into the LinkElement.OfCategory node to run the clash on those links.
Does this seem correct?

Best thing to do is provide a minimal reproducible case and upload your files.

I got it to work, thanks for the help!
Had it coming out of the wrong port of the filter node…
Thanks again!