Compare List, introduce list in script as input properly

Dear group members,
I try to make my code look neater. From the Element.GetParameterValueByName I obtain a list that shows how the specific parameter is filled out (with Strings).
This list I want to compare with a predifined list of Strings called “acronyms” and to obtain a list that stores all elements of the first that do not match any of the entries of acronyms list.
Just to underline that the example works perfectly, if for instance I define a string list as intern part of the script (see commented out #bList), so I assume -since the result we see at the Loop Around list is wrong-that I do something wrong in wiring the Element.GetParameterValueByName to python script!!!
Any suggestions?

I must not be understanding what you’re looking for. It looks correct to me.
You want a list of unique parameter values that don’t show up in your list of acronyms?

it seems your input data is Level 2 data. You should flatten the input before connecting to your python node or change your python node and use append method for output.