Colour Filled Regions that haven't been used yet

I’m trying to create filled regions for loading plans, creating the names is relatively simple, however creating the colours is proving difficult. My first problem is that the hatches haven’t been used yet. I think the Plissken Colour Change Node is designed to select active filled regions within the project. I don’t really want to create a legend with the filled regions in it before I create the colours.
This is my poor attempt setting the colours


Hi :wave:

You can create filled region by geometry (curves I think). Then you can create a colour range base on the number of filled regions you want to create. Once this is done you can apply the colours to the filled regions.

I managed to get this working by creating a legend, and then changing the colours of the filled region. This worked perfectly in Revit 2018 but the colour change does not work at all in Revit 2019. I think this is due to the change to foreground/background patterns in Revit 2019

Has anyone else noticed this?