Collector for all elements in MEP system


I am trying to collect all the objects that are within an MEP system.
For instance, a duct system comprises ducts, duct fittings & air terminals

I am aware of the Rhythm nodes such as Collector.DuctsBySystemName- this is part way there since it only collects Ducts (not fittings or air terminals)

I can do something close by exporting to a database, then creating a query as shown (joins using system name) but would like to achieve something similar in Dynamo. Below is as far as I have been able to get.

thank you in advance


Hi Andrew,

I modified Rhythm custom node to get what your looking for ducts,duct fittings, & air terminals. Let me know if it works for you i will drop here modified custom node.

Hi Kulkul

thanks a lot- that looks great.
To group it by system name- I guess I can reassemble into lists/sublists (unless that it easier to do in the node)

(I did have a look at the Rhythm nodes- but didn’t really understand it)

thanks again


No Problem :wink:

Here is the Modified Custom node Collector.Ducts.Fittings.Airterminals.BySystem.dyf (17.6 KB)

Have Fun :grinning:

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@Andrew_Hannell, is this a worth-while feature to have in the collector? I will add if it is considered of more use. Ic an also create an image to explain the logic around the node :wink:

Hi @john_pierson


These MEP systems can contain multiple object categories (mechanical systems also include Flex Ducts in addition to Ducts, Fittings, Air Terminals etc) and are a bit if a strange beast- similar to cable tray runs. I think some of the hydraulic/electrical systems are similar.

My needs (as a constructor) are a little different to most Revit/Dynamo users (designers) so your Rhythm nodes are great as they are & not necessary to change it on my account- but thanks anyway


I know this is a old post but I feel like I should chime in because I would like this added to the package. I’m a designer and I would like a node like this to make working with system easier.

Hello Cody,
MEPover has a node that will return every element of a given duct or piping system.


Thanks, I’ll check that out as well.

Hello T_Pover, I have just tried this nodes but it doesn’t working. This result giving null value.

Hi Gökhan,
Could you show me an image of your graph with the input to the node showing.