COGO points

Hi everyone!
I’m looking for a set of nodes to manipulate COGO points. So far the only thing I found was the help guide made by Autodesk.
Does anyone have a link or a python script for that?

@Alessandro1985 Cogo points will be covered in the next release. Also there is an advanced sample shipped with Dynamo for Civil 3D that shows how to create a Dynamo node in C# to address Cogo Points. Have a look at this example Python script I’ve put together. It creates a proxy class (DynCogoPoint) that contains some parameters and manages the update or creation of actual Civil 3D CogoPoint. It should get you going.CogoPoints.dyn (8.8 KB)

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Thanks @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 !
It works perfectly. Finally I can set the points name in a few seconds

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Hi all,
I was looking for a way to modify the point number of a COGO.
@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 your script works well except to assign the point number, Civil3D use its internal point number rule.

You can override the numbering, check the Civil 3D API documentation

Hi, Can you give a little advice about how I modify the code that I could add raw descriptions by a point group name?

Take the Pointgroup name as a string and use it as input in the Paolo’s script