Code Blocks Video

When clicking on the Code Blocks Video on the Learn page, it states that “This video is private.” Has a version for Dynamo 0.7 not been made available yet?

Hello David Koch,


O.7.1 is already available on our Build site

I will look into issue for Code Block Node video.

Sorry for inconvenience.



Hi David,
Looks like something has shifted around in the link structure. For that particular video yo can go here while we sort it out

Looks like there are also issues with several of the advanced Videos
all of these playlists can still be accessed directly here


Ok, this is fixed up now, big thanks to EB for fixing this in the middle of the night.

Thanks for the quick response! I will try to find time tomorrow to take a look at that video, and then some of the advanced ones. (Dynamo newbie.)

The Code Block video now runs. Thanks again.