Clockwork causes null values for All Elements of a Category and when Clockwork node is deleted value works

I created a script that contained the Clockwork package Surface.FilterByOrientation.
When I run this script I get false null values for the All Elements of Category.
If I delete this node and run the script, I get the values again.

I am using Dynamo 2.0.3 and deleted all other packages, except for Clockwork for Dynamo 2.x - 2.1.2. I actually tried deleting all other nodes in Clockwork from the package except for the Surface.FilterByOrientation, worked the same way though. Is there a bug with this node that interferes with the All Elements of Category?

Dynamo is sometimes a little finicky for me at least- particularly if the graph is set to automatic run

It can help to add a something like the below where toggling the boolean (t–>f–>t) will force it to recompute (steam nodes)

Thank you for your response @Andrew_Hannell! These graphs were not set to run automatically. I believe there is some issue with the Clockwork Node Surface.FilterByOrientation. @Andreas_Dieckmann. Have you encountered this before? Any ideas on my issue?

I’ll have a look

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