Clash coordination between different discilpine


Show the warning issue because i believe the views’ name already exist in Revit browser so you need to delete it before running the script, if not this please show the warning message. about the grouping you don’t need to do any grouping or sorting in Navis because this already done in the script. Let me know if you are still facing any issue.


Hi @Mohammad_Nawar

This is the warning, and there isn’t any views’name on the Revit browser.


Ok from the message it showing that it’s not reading elements so can you please show me what is reading from IN[0] for python script.


Hi @Mohammad_Nawar , Sure




Hi again

I think it’s easier if you could drop the model with the excel file so I can test it directly to understand the problem, Just am curious what the type of the element that you are reading [Element].

Clash Detection

New Workflow



Id like to know how up to date is this script, what are the possibilities of me running it as a newbie to be able to accomplish accurate clash detection.

Also be aware i am working on a very large model. When i run the Revit Clash detector i get about 200 clashes per floor. And i need to narrow it down.

Been studying all different possibilities out there, but there is not short way, id really appreciate to clear this doubts before testing out the script and the possibilities of running it on a large model. Architectural and MEP

Thank you!!


While not “up to date” in that this isn’t showing Dynamo 2.0, it should be usable with some modifications. That said, if you’re a newbie you will want to go though the Dynamo Primer first, in it’s entirety, skipping nothing. Otherwise you’ll spend a lot more time chasing your tail trying to fix problems that are easily resolved with the basic knowledge that provides. The link which @Mohammad_Nawar gave above does outline an improved workflow.

Model size shouldn’t matter too much, but you could limit things to portions of a single floor by using bounding boxes of a given size.



Yes ive done the dynamo primer, and other tutorials, still no challenge is real til you face an actual problem.
Right now im running after a week deadline. Its either give this a shot, or go manually correcting ClashDetection with Revit clash detection, meaning a sheet of excel and working on the model side by side.

I just wish to know the possibilities of this being run on a large model without the computer crashing. Maybe i spend a few hours figuring out the script or am i better off going the known long road.


Hi @vvarela13

The created script have been tested on a project with a 63 story (arc vs str) and it worked prefectly as it should be i have updated the script which you can find it in my blog however regarding the size of the model i would highly recommend to edit my workflow as @JacobSmall said to reduce the running time for example you can run the clash category vs category (HVAC duct vs Walls) and fix the issues in the views then run it again HVAC duct vs beams … etc, this way is more effective for your case or you can filer the element per floor as suggested earlier and fix the issue per floor. I don’t mind to help you more ! So do let me know if you have other concerns.


Hello @Mohammad_Nawar and @JacobSmall

I will look into it, and see if i can accomplish to make the script work, i appreciate your comments and willingness to help. I will keep you both updated on the progress.


Hello world,

Ive been testing the script along with @Mohammad_Nawar but i am still facing some issues.

First when i run the script i never have the form to chose the current model

This one never shows up.

This are the packages ive installed as requested.

This is the first warning that pops up when i run the scrip

“Warning.Get.ValueAtIndex operation failed”

lastly full script with all warnings

I appreciate all help possible! I can also upload the script created by @Mohammad_Nawar

Thank you all