Cladding Revit Object with adaptive component _ Curtain System by using Dyanmo

I am working now on Adaptive Component Paneling (Curtain Base) and I build a very basic square one, with a simple “Height” parameter {to Control Panel Depth in Z-axis}, and I use it to clad a simple geometry that I made in Dynamo, and using LaunchBox (Panel.PanelQuad) and I noticed that if I apply it on a simple extruded rectangle some of the Panel Depth controlled by the “Height Parameter” are facing (Being extruded to )t he inside of that shape instead (the outside of its surface), while the rest are facing outside(the correct normal), I tried all I can do to use flip nodes or changing normal!! I also used “Element.Set parameterByName” to flip the panel itself and I failed!! finally I tried to go to Revit and flip it manually and I found 3 of the 4 are accepting to flip while the rest are not, I divided the extrusion into 4 surfaces in order to ease the problem and I got the same issue, please help me, thanks in advance.

Firas Noori