Civil Connection - Error: The Dictionary.ValueAtKey method

Hello to all.
I hope you can help me out in this.

I am trying to import the shapes corridor from Civil3d into Revit with Civil Connection. I installed Civil Connection and Civil Python according to the guide. I created a new project Revit with shared coordinates with Civil3D Corridor. I created a script in dynamo as shown in this video. CivilConnection - Create Revit Families from Civil 3D Corridor | Revit Products 2019 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Unfortunately, dynamo signal me this error, as shown in the following image.
Now the language is set to Italian, but I tried to translate the error into English

Warning: The Dictionary.ValueAtKey method expects argument types (Dictionary, string), but they were called with (var , string).

I hope someone can help me solve the problem. Thanks a lot