Check material parameter of placed elements

I am looking for a method so that I can quickly check if the material parameter of placed elements in the project model is assigned with material neither
Please let me know that it is possible

For all elements in model? Or a specific type of elements?

Thanks for your attention
My need is to for all elements in the model, however, it would be preferable to have more options

It gets weird when the parameter is named differently. Would you be using this on items that have a parameter that is named the same?

But here’s a start of some thinking.



Sorry for the late respond. Crazy busy it was!
Thanks for your advice
Your idea is almost same as my first idea, however, I had another idea which seems to work better in this scenario (see the below screenshot). Beside providing us a list of elements without material, this method also allows us to quickly select them from the 3D model by clicking on the element ID in the list

I think, this issue has been solved


From which Package comes the “Elements in View(s)”?

Thanks :wink:

Hi Daniel,

Its from “Marc.Revit.View” Package you can find it package Manager.