Check element if tagged

I want node to check if element is tagged?
Any help?


Try Steam package for Element.IsTagged?



Hi @Ali.almurshed,

Or the Element TaggedStatus node of the Genius Loci package.

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Thank you very much

Any idea why it isn’t working for me? @Alban_de_Chasteigner

The X represents a Generic Model. One is tagged and the other isn’t,
but the node says both aren’t tagged.

Revit 2022.1.3 | GeniusLoci 2022.9.16


My bad, there was a method replacement in the Revit 2022 API and I made a mistake.
I edited the custom node.
Replace the old node in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.12\packages\Genius Loci\dyf with this new one.

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I must be blind, but how do i download the .dyn from Github? @Alban_de_Chasteigner :flushed:

I am allways a bit lost on the Github site.

Right click and Save as on the raw button :

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Seems to work now. Thanks for your fast reply! :smile:

You are doing amazing (Dynamo) work :+1: and i really like your Package! :heart_eyes:

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